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 XHTML for beginners

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Compu-Teck Inc.

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PostSubject: XHTML for beginners   Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:39 pm

Hello, all! It's me, CTI! I decided to be mean and beat ESS to the punch. What I will be doing here is the classic "Hello World!" exercise in XHTML/HTML (they are both basically the same, with a few minor differences). It looks a bit like this:
<title> Practice (or whatever else you want to call it) </title>
<p> Hello World! </p>

Now, I will explain how this works line-by-line:

-First, the tag <html> indicates the beginning of a web page.
-Next, the <head> tag is where you would place a <title> tag and/or a DOCTYPE.
-Next, the <title> tag is always used. It is what will appear in a tab or on the bar on top of your web browser(where the close button is). The </title> tag closes the title. Anything between these tags will be read as the name of the web page you are creating.
-Next, the <body> tag. This indicates what the user will actually see on the web page. Any code wrote in here will be executed (if it belongs. If not, then you will have an HTML bug! pale ).
-Next, the <p> tag indicates a paragraph of text or numbers. Anything placed in here will be transferred directly as text onto the web page. The </p> tag indicates the end of the paragraph.
-Next, the </body> tag indicates the end of the body.
-Finally, the </html> tag indicates that this is the end of the web page. Any code after this will be singularly be ignored (I think. I have never tried to put any code after the </html> tag.)


Any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections can be posted. I won't get mad a corrections. I am only human, after all!

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Excimer Sun Software

Excimer Sun Software

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PostSubject: Re: XHTML for beginners   Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:38 pm

Yes, CTI, you're correct. Processing of an HTML document does indeed stop at the </html> tag (as far as I am aware.).
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XHTML for beginners
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